Healing Blooms From Within Health Coaching 



Thank you for your interest in working with me. 2020 brought a ton of growth for both my company, A Gutsy Girl and also me personally. I had the privilege of doing a lot more 1-on-1 work with you, along with producing so many more resources and tools for you to utilize on your journey.

Because my ultimate goal is to help and impact as many women, worldwide, as possible, I have decided to take a step back from detailed 1-on-1 work.

And yet, I know this work is critical for the healing journey of so many.

Enter Trinity.

Meet Trinity HERE.

And see below for what she's offering.

While I won't be doing these longer 1-on-1 coaching programs any longer, you can be certain that choosing to work with Trinity is an incredible decision.

** NOTE: I am still doing 30-minute private coaching sessions for anything and all things business-related only. Click HERE to see what I offer and how to grab some time with me.

Health Coaching Decision Tree

Private Health Coaching To Accompany the Healing Blooms From Within Journal.



  • The 90-day Gut Healing Journal
  • 90 days of PRIVATE HEALTH COACHING with TRINITY MORROW to help you get the MOST out of the journal

Private Health Coaching is For You If...

  • You're female. Sorry, guys. The journal was designed very specifically for women.
  • You're ready to be committed and fully dedicated in order to see results!
  • Beginner-to-medium experience with gut health and healing (In other words, if you have already worked with 7 functional practitioners, had every test under the sun done, know every diet out there in detail, and spend 24/7 researching the gut, working with me might not be your best option).
  • You're looking for an accountability partner.
  • You needing support for digestive conditions such as: IBS, bloat, diarrhea, SIBO, constipation, etc. 
  • You're looking for support with: the low FODMAP diet, Paleo approach, Vegan healing, identifying both food and emotional triggers, etc.
  • You don't believe that only one factor is the only way to optimal gut healing and health  

It's NOT for you if....

  • You're not ready to be fully dedicated to healing your gut.
  • You need testing done, supplements dispensed, and medications ordered ASAP. I am not a doctor or Certified Registered Dietician.
  • You will be frustrated if a quick fix is not found. I don’t believe in them, and they don’t work.
  • You are negative. While I understand this journey is long and hard, I don't work with women who are negative and bring themselves or me down. 
  • You're not willing to keep an open mind.  

What's Included with Each Month?


Healing Blooms from Within 3 Month Program

Price: $499  

After signing up you'll receive a receipt email and then will receive an email from me to schedule your first session!

A Breakdown of Our First 30 Days

Not ready for a 90 day commitment?

Start with a 1 Month Trial

  • The 1 Month Jumpstart Program includes everything from the first month of the 90 Day Program.


Healing Blooms from Within 1 Month Program

{Jumpstart Program}

Price: $349  

After signing up you'll receive an email receipt and then will receive an email from me to schedule your first session!


As Bioindividuals, each of you are completely different and will each be looking to achieve unique goals during our time together. The list below is a general overview of possible areas we can work on.

  • Diet-specific information (i.e. Is asparagus low-FODMAP? Can I have Corn tortillas because they are gluten-free? Etc.)
  • Grocery shopping: how to, products and ingredients to watch out for, reading labels labels 
  • Cooking and baking help
  • Exercise thoughts
  • Sleeping
  • Traveling and eating out at restaurants
  • Stress management 
  • Gut Health Education
  • Using the journal to complete an elimination diet
  • My recommendations for products, brands, services, and people for everything from nutritionists to podcasts, testing options, essential oils, desserts, and more!
  • Deeper dives on any blog post(s) found on agutsygirl.com

Based on our initial session, we'll decide which topics are most important to explore during our time together.

Not looking for a full program?

Get your questions answered with a 30-minute coaching call.

This is For You If...

  • You're at a plateau in your healing journey.
  • You're unsure what your next step should be
  • You want to feel validated about what you're going through!
  • You want to learn more about the science behind your diagnosis.
  • You have questions about how to maximize your use of the Healing Blooms from Within Journal.
  • You're looking for support with: the low FODMAP diet, Paleo approach, Vegan healing, identifying both food and emotional triggers, etc.  

It's NOT for you if....

  • You expect to get a diagnosis, tests ordered, medicines prescribed or a 30-minute fix to all of your gutsy problems  

Example Questions You Might Ask:

  • How do I begin using my journal?
  • How do I go about getting digestive testing?
  • What should I be doing to maintain my gut health?
  • How do I sustainably eat low FODMAP?
  • What exactly is SIBO?