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Ahara Dinacharya gut healing journal.

So you need a way to track your ELIMINATION DIET? Confused about it all? There is a METHOD to the MADNESS and I have it all laid out for you in an easy-to-use, simplified journal.

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"Thank you, SARAH! From the bottom of my heart! For sharing this literally perfect gut healing journal! Sooooo needed this!!" 

- @lizardm218


The monthly gut healing journals from A Gutsy Girl®

The Gut Healing Journal SYSTEM You've Been Waiting For

A better way for healing faster has arrived.

Food journals can be quite tedious, requiring meticulous weighing and measuring of every ounce of food.

However, the conventional ones often fall short in providing the crucial insights needed for truly enhancing your gut health.

But what if I told you there's a way to extract valuable insights from a food journal without the hassle?

ALL the things you need for tracking your gut healing journey, and NOTHING you don't.


A Gutsy Girl's Unique SYSTEM

  • This journaling system is the direct result of 10+ years tracking, planning, analyzing, and understanding my own body in order to fully heal it.
  • A journal with brief gut health and healing information + tutorials on exactly HOW TO journal for gut healing, then also combined with....
  • Your normal, everyday daily planner, but with the SOUL purpose as YOUR gut-healing journey journal.
  • Detailed pages to show you HOW TO use the journal, including a MASSIVE JOURNAL KEY for optimal tracking.


What's Inside?

  • Journaling Key on a perforated page for easily keeping with your daily tracking
  • 6x9 journal bounded with black wire binding - the perfect size to carry along wherever you go.
  • 90 pages in black and white so you can fully personalize and customize
  • A full page for 28 days of tracking, weekends included.
  • Daily inspirational quotes.
  • The ability to fully customize the month, date, and year as desired (undated).
  • Creative space for a mini vision board.
  • Instruction for how to use the journal.
  • Blank pages for your own journaling + space to take notes.
  • Weekly + monthly check-in charts.
  • Monthly habit tracker along with gut health + gut healing habits to track.
  • 6 different Supplement + Medication trackers to use as desired.
  • Food List tracking to understand what does and does not work for you (and potential reasons why + prompts for some standard foods).
  • Master List of Common Digestive Issues + a tracker for understanding if any of them might apply to you.
  • Doctor's Visit Log + Notes
  • 2 pages of journaling prompts (these are different for each edition of Ahara Dinacharya - ex. the journaling prompts for the 'Sanskrit' edition are different than those for 'Sojourn.')


Tracking, Plotting, & Growing

But it's so much more than a "pretty" journal. This I can promise you. By staying consistent and using all the pieces in this journal, you will be able to track, plot (via graphs), and watch yourself grow.

Want immediate access to your journal? You can also get it via PDF, then print it off and use immediately. Click HERE for more on the instant downloadable version.

"Hi Sarah! The journal is amazing. You can tell you put a lot of time and effort into creating it. I’m sure this will help me and the doctors find a clearer diagnosis. 😊"
- Sabrina (Sparr, FL)

"This journal is laid out so nicely; user friendly; and great prompts. I find it very easy to use. If I want to add my own item to keep track of - there is also ample space for that."

- Julie (Eagan, MN)

"I am loving the journal! While I have been tracking things on my own, it really is so much easier to have a template already done to work with. When I am faced with a blank page, and just know I want to track EVERYTHING, it can be a little overwhelming. With your journal, the core is already there and I can add in other pieces in the “my day” section. It’s perfect!"

- Becky

"I just ordered 3—committing for the year! It’s been such a journey, I have to tell you, and I’m so thankful I found you."

- Alana

"Hello, I am Naturopathic Physician in Washington State. I have a patient who is using your journal and has found it quite helpful. I was inquiring if you sell them wholesale, so we would be able to have them available for purchase in our clinic."

- Kristen

"Hi Sarah! The journal is amazing. You can tell you put a lot of time and effort into creating it. I’m sure this will help me and the doctors find a clearer diagnosis. 😊"

- @jnpfau2

"I have found the journal to be very helpful with increasing my accountability. For example, while I might intend to drink more water each day, having the journal helps me realize when I really need to focus more on that goal. Moreover, before I started using the journal I never even considered tracking my BM’s, but they are pretty indicative of when I don’t drink enough. 😊"

- Donna

Access their transformative journey with your own journal.

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3 Logical Reasons You Need this Journal

Darling, your healing journey isn't going to get any easier unless YOU DO something to make it easier.

  • Save money. Sure, you might spend a few more dollars for this journal than you would for a blank, pretty little random journal. But if you are tired of spending hundreds (thousands?!) of dollars on supplements, medications, and "diets" that you aren't entirely sure are even working, then believe me, having and using this journal will save you so much money in the long run.
  • Save time. You are far too busy to try to map out something like this on your own. But good news: I've already gone through all the motions for you. Everything is set up and conducive to help you find patterns and heal faster. ""I feel like I'm ripping you off only paying $23.95 for everything. I'm not just paying for this book. I'm paying for all your years, trial and error. Thank you, thank you." -- JJ, AGG customer
  • Save Energy. The A Gutsy Girl gut healing journal, Ahara Dinacharya, is a journaling system and method created for the woman who is tired of trying to figure “what’s wrong,” only to run circles around the issues. How many times have you started and stopped another gut healing journal? Save that energy. You'll need it for enjoying life!

For best results, use this journal in conjunction with your doctor, nutritionist, and/or other medical practitioner(s). The more everyone is on the same page, the faster you'll heal.